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A 10-year universal education project to activate, inspire and accelerate entrepreneurship in Vietnam

From 2022 to 2032

Entrepreneurship in Vietnam

1 in 4 Vietnamese wants to be
an entrepreneur

A survey released by World Economic Forum in 2019 says 25.7 percent of young Vietnamese want to work for themselves, with tech growth fueling entrepreneurship.

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Vietnam on its way to becoming
a global innovation hub

Vietnam was chosen to host one of two initial UNICEF Innovation Labs in Southeast Asia since UNICEF’s global innovation identified Vietnam as a regional leader that has the potential to contribute to the emerging technology community.

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Rapid economic growth
during COVID-19 outbreak

Vietnam recorded 10-year high GDP growth of 7.1% in 2018 and by 7% in 2019. Despite the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the country was one of the few economies that recorded positive growth with 1.6%.

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Vietnam Startup Ecosystem 2021

By Initiative for Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam


Our Approach, Method and Strategy

1. Universal Design for Learning Entrepreneurship

We aim to make entrepreneurship education more accessible and give everyone an equal opportunity to pursue the program. 

2. Take Advantage of Local Resources

Understanding the local economy – it is really important for businesses and local decision-makers to understand the real strengths and opportunities in the local economy itself and as that local economy relates to the broader economy. Smaller businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, helping them grow will be crucial to our future economic success as a nation.

3. The Power of Research Universities  

The universities’ role in the local economy is both broad and critically important. "Building high-quality research and teaching universities that are innovative and relevant to market demands is essential." (Asia Development Bank)

4. Pay It Forward: Ignite the True Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Inspired by Pay-it-forward culture, we proudly build a support community and mentorship program within the program. 

30,000 new learners complete Entrepreneurship 101 Program

Lần Đầu Khởi Nghiệp (Entrepreneurship 101) is an open and accessible course for everyone. 
The course is tailor-made for Vietnamese which brings out the best local practices; the content is well prepared for non-business related people and underserved communities. The course is coming soon in October 2021, in Vietnamese audio and Vietnamese/English subtitles.

1,500 national university research results are commercialized

JOMO Research is the hybrid research center to connect practical research, patterns, useful resources from universities to business operation in Vietnam. This is a 10-year project to help Vietnam startups/businesses understand and take advantage of the local economy from public resources. JOMO Research is coming soon in September 2021

5,000 new businesses established and led by female entrepreneurs

Vietnam have over 30% of women-owned companies. Through this program, we do believe in female entrepreneurs and we would love to support them endlessly in three categories: Financial Capital, Human Capital, and last but not list: Access To Networks.
We are looking for partners to join us this goal, if you're interested, please email us.

NGAN, Le Huynh Kim - Startup Enthusiast

Ngan has joined the startup ecosystem since 2010, making various contributions: building an open startup portal (ranked as one of top 600 most visited websites in Vietnam), growing the largest online community for Vietnam entrepreneurs, initiating the annual Vietnam Venture Summit since 2019 with Golden Gates Ventures and hosted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

More information about Ngan can be found: Linkedin - Crunchbase 

"Ngan is a smart individual. She's very well connected in ICT community and a networking genius."

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Former CEO VinID

Partner with us

“There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.” - George Shinn

If you do believe in what we are doing, and you are interested in creating more impact to Vietnamese lives through entrepreneurship and digital skills - universal education for everyone, especially underserved communities, we share more than one common interest. We are looking forward to hearing from you!